About Superfood School


Our Ethos


Building Community, Online + Off

...all diets welcome!


We're helping the new generation of eaters find flavorful + functional + flexible healthy food solutions.


Since 2018, Superfood School has educated and observed thousands of students in-person and online, helping people of all diets to get more plants on their plates. We’ve learned how important peer groups and a diverse group of experts are to the success of a person’s plant-based journey and how simply put, people learn better together.


Since then, our mission has evolved into a  product and a program that supports the built in camaraderie of wellness groups and employee teams while meeting people where they’re at - and where they need it most. Home.




Our Founder



Lynnette Astaire

Plant-based Chef


As a chef with restaurant experience from 4 Stars to franchises, I know that the first rule of food is flavor.


My mission is to help people get more plants on their plates, easily and deliciously!


Lynnette has so much knowledge and makes you feel very comfortable. I am not a vegan, but interested in understanding how to make better choices! It was so easy and FAST!

Kristi Tien

Field Executive Director

MAC Cosmetics

Chef Lynnette's approachable take on plant based cuisine and knowledge of nutrition makes her the perfect fit.

Michael Generaux

Local Market Manager

Kite Hill

The environment, meal and Lynnette's presentation are all top-notch (but accessible), so I'd recommend to anyone regardless of age or background.

Percival Guevara

Superfood School Member