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increased immunity

weight control

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fasting is nature's oldest medicine and is one of the best ways to maintain your...

eternal youth

The practice of fasting is officially trending, with more and more research proving its potential for true transformation.

From disease reversal to dramatic weight loss...from finding fertility to ageless at 80, there are literally millions of success stories of fasting's effects found all over the world.

Although the idea of eating less seems simple, knowing the rules  (and when to break them) are crucial to getting the great results you've been hearing about...

superFAST combines the latest research with the real-life experience of course creator, Chef Lynnette Astaire who has completed over 30 fasts. You'll learn the foundations of fasting and how to avoid common complications (or at least how to be prepared for them).


Our juice fasting method skips the sugar crash that gives fasting a bad name in favor of more protein and living enzymes per serving. Plus our superFEAST meal plan helps to maintain results with nutritious recipes.


superFAST empowers you to reset your relationship with food and master your mindset for health + wellness.


You'll feel better, look better and most importantly BE better.


superFAST empowers you to reset your relationship with food and master your mindset for health + wellness.

you'll learn...

how to safely start and end a fast

how to maintain a "normal life"

ways to customize + supercharge your fast

how ketosis works while fasting

plant-based recipes + techniques

how to be more in tune with your body

meet your guide

Lynnette Astaire

Lynnette Astaire

plant-based chef + educator

Hi I’m Lynnette and I have completed 37 juice fasts... yes 37 :-)

Since 2005 I have been practicing juice fasting for what I like to call health, wealth and eternal youth. 

Over the years I’ve worked with individuals and groups on starting and completing various fasts from coconut to “clean eating cleanses.” All are different and all are effective in their own way. 

I created this program for people all over the world to have a starting point to personalize their practice and a reference point as the science of nutrition changes and the practice becomes more mainstream.

Who I've worked with 


course includes

superFAST Green Juice Recipes

superFEAST 14 Day Meal Plan

Technique + Lecture Videos

Email Summaries of Each Section

Shopping + Storage Guide

Lynnette’s 14 Years of Fasting Experience

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the ultimate digestive rest + mental reset.

For the ultimate reset + renewal, our "living" juice recipe is inspired by the latest research and the many retreat + rehab centers around the world who have used it to heal countless clients.

superFAST's signature reset recipe is 100% sugar-free, plus it includes options to help customize the recipe to meet your goals, budget and of course, your tastebuds. 


  • Living Green Juice Recipe
  • superFEAST meal plans for pre and post fast


  • Tasty options for green juice newbies and those in need of extra energy.
  • Protein suggestions for those concerned about their intake.


our super nutritious (and delicious meal plan)

Use our meal plans to safely start + finish your juice fast or to jumpstart your healthy food habits while still consuming ample calories. 

superFEAST is  perfect for those seeking a reset but can't commit to the calorie restrictions of just juice.

Enjoy some of the healthiest foods in the world for increased nutrition, digestive rest and renewal.


  • 7 Day Raw Mealplan
  • 7 Day Raw + Cooked Mealplan

our recipes are...    

  • plant-based 
  • whole-food 
  • gluten-free 
  • oil-free 
  • no refined sugar 
  • delicious!

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Forever 21

a fun, firsthand look into 21 day fast from Chef Lynnette.


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