The Superfood Starter Kit + Meal Plan

Eating plant-based is now easier and tastier than ever with our superfood + spice starter kits!


Our kits deliver flavor, function and fun straight to your door to help you get more plants on your plate, no matter your diet.


how it works

We've developed a super cool system to help you make super delicious food... super easy, of course.

  • Take the Quiz to get personalized tips.

  • Get the Kit delivered to your door.

  • Learn Online healthy cooking techniques 

  • Follow the Mealplan to create tasty plant-based meals. 

  • Join the Community for support, ideas and recipes.

why it works

We solve the two biggest problems in the plant-based diet: making it tasty, making it easy (plus we make it fun!)

  • Flavor comes first because healthy habits stick better when it's tasty.

  • Function we focus on only the healthiest cooking methods to help keep superfood, super.

  • Fun  our content is all about fun and bringing people together to learn and enjoy.

what you get

Each kit comes equipped with helpful tools to meet you where you're at

  • the Kit

    Flavor + Function, delivered to your door.


    • 6 superfood + spice sacks

              moringa, tomato, umami, acai, muchi curry + smoked paprika.

              (2-5 servings per sack)

    • 6 recipe cards
  • the Course

    Learning by doing is key.


    You'll get access to online course content including recipes, videos and livestreams to help you learn the healthiest ways to make healthy food.

  • the (meal) Plan

    Plant-based + Gluten-free + Flavor-FULL!


    • Three 7-day meal plans that meet you where you're at: SuperHero, SuperVeg + SuperFlex
    • 50+ plant-based recipes
    • Shopping List
  • the Lifestyle

    It's more than just food.


    From pro-tips to the perfect dinner party playlist we've got you covered!

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